Campus security and safety is an important feature. So, the Department of Education is committed to assisting schools and Universities in providing students nationwide a safe environment in which to learn and to keep students and employees well informed about campus security.
Hence, we have secured Minia University by smart surveillance cameras which can be an excellent tool for campus administrators to use to spot-check and document that staff are properly positioned or patrolling different areas. it also, can be more helpful tools for improving and documenting proper human prevention efforts by campus employees.
Our smart surveillance cameras benefits the teachers, students and the institution as a whole. its ability to record for long hours helps in recording crimes and their perpetrators so that it’s easy for them to be apprehended and disciplined or jailed. They also help in keeping track of teacher and student attendance and punctuality. It can also assist in rating teacher’s attitudes and methodologies while teaching. Camera surveillance technology is a great way to keep an institution secure with its many positives, these cameras also help manage the general safety of students.