Implementing a solar powered P2P system in Port Said State

located in the north east of Egypt.
Supply and implement a solar powered Point 2 Point systems.
14 June 2020


  • We delivered and implemented a Point-to-point average speed system with an integrated solar energy system to monitor speed violations in Port said state.
  • These cameras monitor suspicious activities; stop theft, vandalism and shoplifting; and alert stationed security officers about real-time thefts. monitoring cameras systems in large businesses can also inform county and state law enforcement officials about developing dangerous situations.
  • Point-to-point average speed enforcement system permitting the monitoring of entire sections of the road and capture speed violations in real time, registering the vehicle LPR and saving all violation data including location, time and evidence using a solar energy system.
  • Average speed enforcement is particularly effective in reducing excessive speeding behavior, crash rates, vehicle emissions, remarkable improvement in traffic flow and improving road safety.

P2P system in Port Said Gallery

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