Penguin B UAV

The Penguin B is a high-performance semi-integrated small UAV platform available for final assembly and customization by UAV system integrators. The Penguin B has been available since 2009, and it has been sold to UAV system integrators in more than 43 countries. Due to its proven design and more than 140 options to choose from, Penguin B has become the most widely used small UAV platform by system integrators, research organizations and universities.

Penguin B allows users to kick-start small fixed wing UAV production with the use of an industry-proven airframe and compatible subsystems and components.Penguin B is available as semi-integrated airframe ready for the autopilot and payload integration by the customers that have competency in aircraft integration. Designed as a high performance unmanned airframe, Penguin B is capable of up to 26.5 hour endurance with a 4 kg payload. With a small footprint of 3.3 meter wingspan, Penguin B can handle up to 11.5 kg of combined fuel

Penguin B is capable of up to 26.5 hour endurance with the 4 kg payload. With a small footprint of 3.3 meter wingspan, Penguin B can handle up to 11.5 kg of combined fuel and payload weight.

Option and Ground Control Station

Engine Options:
  • 80 W Generator system upgrade. Onboard generator system, factory installed on 28i/CS engine. High efficiency and reliability. Includes 6V and 12V outputs, short circuit protection, integrated Li- Polymer charger, integrated current sensors and RS-232 connection for monitoring power parameters in real time.
Fuel System Upgrades:
  • 7500 cc fuel tank. Large glass fiber fuel tank for maximum endurance. With carbureted engines, 12-15 hours endurance can be achieved.With EFI engine 20+ hours can be achieved.
  • Fuel level sensor for 7500 cc fuel tank. Precise fuel level sensor integrated inside the 7500cc fuel tank. Essential for long endurance missions.
  • Header Tank Fuel Sensor. The point level sensor in the header tank is a safety feature that detects the low fuel condition. Increases system reliability and indicates condition when the aircraft need to land immediately.
Various Accessories and Upgrades:
  • 4-servo V tail upgrade. Each tail plane control surface is split in two equal sides, each having own servo - total of 4 servos for the tail plane. This option increases reliability of the system in case of a tail plane servo failure.
  • Pitot-Static tube. Combined Pitot-Static tube provides both dynamic and static pressure measurements in a single package. Can be mounted and removed using two screws for simple UAV transportation.
  • Heated Pitot-Static tube. Heated Pitot-Static tube for operations at low temperatures. Low-power design with smart fault detection signal output.
  • Push-pull connectors for wing. Preinstalled Fischer 102 Series push-pull industrial connectors between the center and the tip wing sections.
  • Rugged Transportation Case. Rugged and watertight transportation case for maximum protection of the Penguin B UAV. Supplied with additional internal case for small components, spare bolts, screwdrivers and tools.
Autopilot Configuration files:
  • Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo Autopilot configuration File. Available at no cost. Validated for autonomous flight, autonomous catapult takeoff and autonomous runway landing using laser altimeter.
Ground Control Station:
  • Portable Ground Control Station. Universal portable ground control station for Penguin B and other UAVs. Dual display functionality, advanced safety features and hot-swappable lithium battery cartridges.
  • User-configurable for any autopilot system. Data-links, software and Panasonic Toughbook need to be purchased separately.
Payload Option
  • Penguin B is available with the Epsilon series of advanced micro-gimbals developed by Octopus ISR Systems, a division of UAV Factory. Epsilon gimbals provide advanced observation, inspection and surveillance capabilities, such as day- and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication. In addition, Epsilon gimbals are fully integrated and have been tested extensively with Penguin B aircraft.

Flyer EN

Penguin B Performance

Sleek and efficient design gives best in class performance. Optimized for endurance, Penguin has enough internal volume to lift 7.5 liters of fuel which will provide 20+ hours endurance with the fuel injected engine. The optimized high lift flap system provides stall speeds of less 13 m/s while giving excellent flight handling qualities due to a well designed V- tail geometry.

Aircraft Dimensions and Specifications

Wingspan 3.3 m/ 10.8 ft, MTOW 21.5 kg / Empty Weight (excl fel and payload) 10 kg / Wing Span 3.3 m / Length 2.27 m / Wing Area 2.27 m / Powerplant 2.5 ph / Max Payload 10 kg/ Takeoff method catapult , Runway or car top launch / environmental protection sealed against rain , snow.

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