The ideal solution for the Egyptian road safety

Is speeding actually a problem?

We started with Red Sea State until we dominated traffic safety by 95% of the states of Egypt and Uganda.
To secure speed-limit compliance over longer distances and larger areas. Also, to reduce deaths and injuries caused by speeders.
Started in 2010 Up to the present.


  • Speeding drivers and Road traffic crashes is one of the primary concerns facing communities and municipalities around the country.
  • Speed violation is reported as the major cause of road crashes according to a statistical report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics Showed that the total number of car accidents in Egypt in 2010 reached 24,371 accidents. So, we provided the ideal solutions to keep the roads safe, avoid excess speed on roads and commitment to the speed limit of traffic for each route by spreading Kustom signals and Binar radars in 95% of the Egyptian streets and 50% of the Ugandan ways which can adjust the speed of cars, imposition of violations at high speeds, compliance with speed limits and reducing accidents. Where studies have proved a strong correlation between the increase in the number of radar systems and the decline in the number of speed accidents on the road.
  • And the reports showed that the percentage of road accidents began to decline in the following year by 45% and still declining and thus we have achieved a part of our goal in keeping the roads safe and reducing the accidents in Africa and middle east and we still looking for more innovative solutions for traffic control and speed enforcement.
Ai Active s very experienced in any kinds of Counter Terrorism, Traffic and Law Enforcement Tailored Solutions projects. Send us your project information and you will have the perfect proposal just in days.

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