Driver Training Simulator

We started with Asyut government until we got to achieve Driver simulator for 50% of the governorates of Egypt.
To Spread the driver simulator throughout the Arab republic of Egypt.
Started in 2015 Up to the present.


  • The car is one of the means of transportation that has become indispensable, especially in recent times, because of the large number of human work and transport, it needs a means to save time and effort at the same time, and many people resort to many ways to teach driving, especially in the age of young people, Everything is unknown and difficult, but with training and exercise it is easy.
  • Driver simulators provides easy and safe driving education by learning Pre-operation steps, Steps to operate the vehicle, while driving, car parking and driving to back.
  • In the beginning, driving is difficult, but with training it is easy. You have to go through the examination and training by driving simulators. Traffic signs must be observed and adhered to. Because it is related to life and lives to be maintained, Traffic to avoid traffic accidents and any damage to it.
  • At the end we aim to deliver the best experience and help people gain the best degree of possible knowledge to become a safe driver.
Ai Active s very experienced in any kinds of Counter Terrorism, Traffic and Law Enforcement Tailored Solutions projects. Send us your project information and you will have the perfect proposal just in days.

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