775 Smart Patrols in the Egyptian Streets

Throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Securing Egypt’s roads with Smart Mercedes patrols‏.
12th of October 2017


We provided advanced vehicles to improve the level of services provided to the Ministry sectors for use in security patrols and criminal investigation. The car equipped with a sophisticated detention room for six of the suspects, and it was equipped with a sophisticated camera system (CCTV) and (ANPR) to monitor the security situation and document it on the main roads and hubs, identify the car numbers and identify the plates which are Required for detention. Also equipped with “Scout Fixed system” which deals with the system of cameras and programs dedicated to criminal research With a GPS device to locate it during the transfer the accuses. Police patrols serve a variety of purposes include the following activities:
  • Monitoring suspicious or unusual activity.
  • Responding to calls for assistance or investigation.
  • Issuing citations for traffic or parking violations.
  • Investigating abandoned vehicles.
  • Dispersing unauthorized, non-permitted crowds.
  • Troubleshooting issues such as traffic lights being out, missing children or senior citizens.
  • law enforcement.
  • Careful documentation/reporting of alleged criminal activity.
  • Ensuring no criminal activity is taking place during shift.
  • Arresting offenders without injury or incident.
  • Safely transporting detained suspects.
  • Logging detailed reports.
  • Maintaining the integrity of crime scenes and aiding in the collection of evidence.
And now in less than a year and a half there are 775 security patrols spreading all over the Arab Republic of Egypt and there is 330 are in operation and the rest during 2019

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