Menoufia City Surveillance

located north of Cairo in the south of the Nile Delta About half the area of the governorate is located between the two branches of the Nile River Damietta and Rashid , while the other half extends as a desert front west of the Rashid branch.
  • Secure the city with Surveillance.
  • Driver Training Simulator.
  • Security patrol cars.
  • Body worn system.
11th April 2018.


  • Menoufia is one of the most important governorates of Egypt, where it includes a number of major landmarks like Menoufia Touristic Tower, Museum Park and a lot of landmarks Which attracts tourists from all over the world. That’s why we are going to secure the city in cooperation with the government by city surveillance system using edge surveillance cameras and wireless communication devices to secure its roads from any criminal activities or any future possible terrorist attacks and it help citizens stay safe and provide them with a sense of security, protect property against theft and vandalism, ensure public safety and prevent crimes and ensure the security and stability of the whole city.
  • Simulators prepare the drivers for road-related emergencies, helps in building driver’s confidence before they drive on actual roads, Support the authorities by reducing dangers the roads by creating a safer driving environment, help the students to gain the best degree of knowledge possible to become a safe driver, help the students knowing the road signs and understanding driving etiquette, help to develop a safe and responsible driver and allows students to develop skills more efficiently and effectively compared to traditional in-car training.
  • Security patrol cars are recording in the car as soon as the car is started. the system has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) so they are constantly and automatically searching for unregistered, uninsured and/or stolen vehicles - and alert the patrol car officers on a display in the car. It also has inbuilt GPS so the Command Center can see where every car is and body worn cameras (BWC) on the patrol car officers that record everything and are connected by Wi-Fi into the car system.
  • Body Worn system that can help in Increasing public confidence in local and national policing, a reducing the number of complaints and allegations made against police officers, reducing criminal justice costs due to an increase in early guilty pleas, De-escalation of anti-social behavior, reducing the number of assaults on police officers, Officer skill enhancement through the review of performance at incidents and Reduction in officer time spent on paperwork.
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