Ismailia City Surveillance

located in north-eastern Egypt, in the halfway between Port Said to the north and Suez to the south.
  • Secure the city with Surveillance.
  • Traffic Cameras.
  • Body worn system.
11th April 2018.


  • Ismailia city Known in Egypt as “The City of Beauty and Enchantment” because of her beautiful location, its moderate climate, its beautiful nature and its many places of entertainment, made it a beautiful tourist destination. In addition to the monuments, which are evidence to the present day of ancient civilizations and especially the ancient Egyptian civilization and distinctive. That’s why we are going to protect the city in cooperation with the government by city surveillance system using edge surveillance cameras and wireless communication devices to secure its roads and buildings from any criminal activities or any future possible terrorist attacks and it help citizens stay safe and provide them with a sense of security, protect property against theft and vandalism, ensure public safety and prevent crimes and ensure the security and stability of the whole city.
  • Traffic Cameras which keep drivers and pedestrians safe, detect the speed of vehicles, decrease speeding, increasing safety, improve speed limit compliance, reduce fatal and serious injury crash rates and improve traffic flow, reduce vehicle emissions and red-light traffic enforcement violations.
  • Body Worn system that can help in Increasing public confidence in local and national policing, a reducing the number of complaints and allegations made against police officers, reducing criminal justice costs due to an increase in early guilty pleas, De-escalation of anti-social behavior, reducing the number of assaults on police officers, Officer skill enhancement through the review of performance at incidents and Reduction in officer time spent on paperwork.
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Ismailia City Surveillance Gallery

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