Damietta City Surveillance

located at the Damietta branch, an eastern distributary of the Nile, 15 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 kilometers north of cairo.
  • Secure the city with Surveillance.
  • License Plate Recognition.
  • Body worn system.
13th of June 2018.


  • Damietta is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, where It features its long coastline overlooking the river and the sea beside her mild weather. So, it is one of the main axes of tourism development. That’s why the Government decided to secure it by surveillance cameras which protects organizations by providing up-to-date details on activities occurring in a facilities and have the ability to record both high-quality video and clear audio. Detailed footage. If criminal activity or suspicious activity occurs on facility grounds, cameras can aid in identifying the perpetrator. Authorities are then able to analyze video footage for evidence.
  • Armed with video evidence, facility managers can protect their facilities from potential liability, LPR system which provide Recovery of stolen vehicles, it can search it’s database for license plates, Easily identify suspended or revoked drivers/registrations and Enhance traffic safety. And Body worn system which are one way to address challenges and improve law enforcement practice more generally.
  • The technology, which can be mounted on an officer’s chest area, offers real-time information when used by officers on patrol or other assignments that bring them into contact with members of the community. Another benefit of body-worn cameras is their ability to provide law enforcement with a surveillance tool to promote officer safety and efficiency and prevent crime.
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Damietta City Surveillance Gallery

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