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SMART 500 510

SMART 500 510
SMART 500 510SMART 500 510


SMART 500 510
Portable Authority.
Designed to be noticed, the 12” full matrix, high intensity LED display is visible up to 750 feet. Durable and trouble free, the SMART 500 and 510 protect pedestrian traffic.
The communities you safeguard will realize the benefits of your traffic enforcement and safety efforts. As the SMART portable speed dolly informs and educates the motorists, vehicles noticeably slow, and neighborhood roads become safer.
Use where ever you need speed enforcement most. Lightweight and portable, the SMART 500 and 510 are easily positioned to provide driver feedback and effective compliance.

Key Features:
• Kustom Signals directional radar
• 12” full matrix high intensity LED display
• Maximum visibility: 750 Feet
• Multiple violator alerts
• MUTCD compliant speed sign
• 2-year warranty

SMART 500 also includes:
• Fold down sign rack

SMART 510 also includes:
• Flashing left/right direction arrows

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