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ProLaser 4

pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4
pro laser 4pro laser 4


ProLaser 4

Smaller. Lighter. Faster.

Designed for the ultimate precision experience,the new ProLaser 4 delivers unmatched target acquisition, range and performance. Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide exceptional performance.

Ergonomically designed to shoot fast and straight, the rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip and trigger angle provide outstanding balance and fit. The unit is specifically angled to align your hand, arm, eyes and target while affording a comfortable, secure grip.

High contrast visibility day and night, the new OLED rear display and HUD provide faster response time, substantial information and improved night-time operation. The advanced ProLaser 4 gives you a powerful advantage in traffic enforcement.

Key Features
• Faster target acquisition
• Greater range: 10 to 8,000 feet
• Smaller, lighter profile; only 2.5 lbs.
• Four (4) AA batteries
• Simple user interface; one touch controls
• High contrast OLED graphical display

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