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"BINAR" radar gun with integrated video recording capabilities is designed to detect vehicle speed and record traffic violations.

This advanced radar gun benefits greatly from two embedded video cameras simultaneously recording road traffic events in two ways: in "normal" mode to get wide-angle view and facilitate event analysis and in "zoom" mode to get enlarged picture for more clear view of car license plate.

Vehicle speed measured with such radar gun and supported by both video recordings greatly facilitates analysis of road traffic events and significantly improves validity of revealed traffic violation.

Key Features

  •     Speed measurement and video recording of traffic violations.
  •     Fastest target selection.
  •     Oncoming and outgoing targets selection.
  •     Moving mode and stationary mode, including handheld operation.
  •     Simultaneous video recording in two modes (wide-angle and zoom).
  •     Reliable detection of violator among other vehicles and approval of violation event using two simultaneously captured video clips.
  •     High sensitivity of the cameras makes low-light surveillance (in the twilight) possible.
  •     On-line switching between images from video cameras in speed measuring mode or view mode.
  •     Displaying of target image along with measured speed, date, time, GPS coordinates and current measurement mode.
  •     Clear recognition of license plate number at distances of up to 150 meters.
  •     "Zoom-in" capability for recorded images in view mode and license plate image recovery function.
  •     Recording and saving the video clips (e.g. scene of road traffic accident).
  •     Automatic self-testing of main operation units at start-up.
  •     Storing video clips and relevant data in non-volatile memory (SD card) in encoded format. SD cards of up to 32 GB capacity are supported.
  •     PC software for data transfer and data integrity verification (included into delivery set). This software also allows printing document which contains set of images to validate a violation event.
  •     Logging of all operations with data obtained by radar gun.
  •     Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connection to external devices.
  •     Easy-to-use touch-screen LCD and remote control.
  •     Efficient energy-saving system (automatically switches to “standby” mode when not in use).
  •     Recharging the radar gun from vehicle power source.
  •     Additional battery pack (with standard photographic tripod mounting) which provides more than 10 hours of operation.
  •     Lightweight and ergonomic design.


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