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The “CORDON” multi-target photo radar system is designed for automatic detection of speed violations and transfer of violation data to the police back office.
The key feature of the “CORDON” is its ability to simultaneously monitor vehicle speeds of either oncoming or outgoing vehicles in up to four lanes of contiguous traffic. This is accomplished using a single Photo Radar sensor.
There are two video clips that demonstrate the CORDON's capabilities: one-way and two-way traffic control.
“CORDON” is mounted at height of 5-10 meters (using any fixed structure on the roadside) and connected to main power supply.
The sensor automatically measures vehicle speeds in enforcement zone and records a pair of images for every violator :
Wide-angle image of all targets within the devices field of view, with the violator clearly identified;
A close-up image of each violator with a clearly visible license plate.

Key Features

  •     Advanced radar simultaneously measures speeds and positions of all oncoming and outgoing targets in up to four lanes of traffic. A strict correlation between measured speed and the      responsible vehicle is marked on the recorded image.
  •     High resolution camera allows real-time automatic license plate recognition on four traffic lanes simultaneously.   
  •     Automatic detection of reserved bus lane violations.
  •     Automatic detection of vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road.
  •     Nighttime operation using embedded IR spotlights.
  •     On-board GPS/GLONASS navigation unit provides the geographical coordinates for the violation record.
  •     Automatic saving of violation data on memory card. This data includes pair of violator images, recognized license number, vehicle speed, bus lane violation mark, movement direction, date and time, speed limit, geographic coordinates and sensor serial number.
  •     Protection of embedded software and output data from unauthorized change.
  •     Option to continuously stream captured traffic violation data to back office using wired or wireless communication channels.


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