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The EasyCam™ is designed and manufactured by Sintel Italia S.p.A specifically for image capture within moving vehicles, in which the operator must rely both on a high performance and on a flexible use of equipment.

Sintel Italia's EasyCam™ are currently installed in hundreds of police vehicles as a definite solution for on-board image capture.

EasyCam™ is made up by mainly by two distinct parts:

  •  A day&night color camera, having high resolution and the auto focus performance
  •  A command and control circuit that includes an audio microphone preamplifier and a power supply for all the camera components.

All electrical connections are realized by one single FTP Cat5 cable with a snap-in/out connection by means of an RJ-45 male connector. For this reason wiring during the installation stage is extremely easy to carry out and the replacement of a faulty camera consists in the simple removal of the camera from its support and the disconnection of the RJ-45 connector.

The video camera unit built into the EasyCam™ is the powerful Sony FCB-EX980P module. This module is an OEM camera designed for industrial applications capable of guaranteeing an optical zoom equal to 36x and a digital zoom equal to 12x: therefore, the zoom total factor is equal to 412x.

The FCB-EX9800P module uses a 1/4" ExtraView HAD™ CCD sensor, with an active pixel count equal to 440,000 pixel, able to shoot images even with a minimum scene illumination of only 0.1 lux (color mode).

The function of the command and control circuit of the EasyCam™ is to give manual commands for the main functions of the camera and of the system. Commands are given by pressing the push buttons on a small back-lighted keypad, each of them with an independent function signaling, or by receiving data coming from a serial interface of the SCOUT installed on board of the vehicle.

The following operations can be started using the keyboard on the back of the camera or by serial commands sent from the mobile SCOUT terminal:

  • Start and stop of image recording, with lighted signaling of recording status (REC).
  • Image transmission (TX) START/STOP.
  • Focal length variation of the built-in lens, that is tele zoom  and wide zoom commands.
  • Switching from automatic focus to manual focus (MAN. FOCUS) – with the related lighted signaling – in case of low illumination that makes it difficult to focus in special stationary imaging conditions: for example when the vehicle stands on the side of the road, during the night, and when vehicles are coming from the other direction so making the camera blind because of their strong lights.
  • Switching from color mode during the day to black and white mode during the night (DAY/NIGHT).
  • Manual shutter setting (SHUTTER). This function could be necessary under the same conditions described at point 2 above.
  • Switching the keyboard control to the Scout remote control: through the keyboard on the back of the EasyCam™ is possible to navigate and control the functions of Scout. This feature is useful to manage Scout by using a monitor that has not the touch screen feature (●).
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