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Intetra Red Light


Intetra Red Light Enforcement system is an All-in-One red light detector based on a non invasive technology, which provides red light enforcement at intersections without the need of installing physical loops in the road. It is a small and non-intrusive red light camera for photo enforcement. Detection is carried out via virtual loops that are easy to edit and modify.
Our system is a standalone solution which is independent from the traffic signal. No cables needed to the traffic signal and traffic controller. Everything is included in a small hand-sized housing which can be mounted on the pole alone in minutes. Hardware and complex algorithms help to minimize sunlight incidence on the equipment. The shadow elimination feature distinguishes between cars and shadows, which increase reliability. The system is designed to determine cars from the background and avoid possible mistakes in case long standing queues.
The system provides three high resolution pictures of the evidence. It incorporates with 5Mpx camera which provides clear photographs of vehicles and license plates. It can monitor up to 3 lanes from a     single unit, which guarantees that offences happening across more than one lane can be captured simultaneously. It can also be configured to provide information such as speed, traffic volume and flow, density, average vehicle length and average speed.

Key Benefits

  • Stand Alone Unit
  • Sun Light Protection
  • Shadow Elimination
  • Day & Night Optimum Performance
  • Queue Effect
  • Hand Size Housing
  • High Storage Capacity
  • Easy Installation
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