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PoliScan redlight – Making loops and sensors redundant
PoliScanredlight employs the same LIDAR (laser) technology which is used in VITRONIC’s speed enforcement solutions. The non-invasive system (without loops and/or sensors) detects vehicles traveling over 3 lanes. Several vehicles can be captured simultaneously, whether driving parallel, tailgating or changing lanes.
Unlike traditional RADAR-based solutions the LIDAR functionality enables reliable operation in challenging traffic situations such as in road works, on bends and in heavy traffic. Multiple digital case images are captured of each violation and can be customized to suit local applications. The unique housing allows two separate systems to be installed, allowing two intersections to be monitored from a single solution.  

Overview of Advantages

  • Eliminate the need for in-road equipment   
  • Monitor up to 6 lanes from a single housing
  • Digital case documentation    
  • Operates in road works and on bends
  • Captures several vehicles traveling simultaneously    
  • Local site coding enables automatic site recognition
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