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Cross Watch-II is the new generation digital video Red-Light and Speed enforcement camera system. The Cross Watch-II takes advantage of the present day technology to establish the position of a vehicle at an intersection with respect to the Amber and Red Traffic light system. It retains the basic features of the legacy Red Light camera system using magnetic loops under the top surface of the road to establish the position of the vehicle; integrated with High Definition 1080i HD color video cameras.
Cross Watch-II uses a minimum of two cameras to cover a four way intersection with 2~3 lanes in each direction. For dense four way intersections we deploy four cameras; one for each direction. The entire scene is recorded by 1080i High Definition Video cameras creating a very high resolution image that can be zoomed in for closer examination of red light violations. Optionally if required each video cameras can be augmented with a very high resolution 14 megapixel still image camera to capture a violation in very high resolution. Laser Speed sensors can be added to measure speed of the violating traffic as well.


  • Cross Watch-II uses 1080i High Definition Video Cameras to record a Red Light violation
  • HD video provides full scene history instead of just still image shots of a still camera system.
  • Digital electronics stores video in compressed MPEG4 video for months of storage on built-in HD media.
  • Remote retrieval of images and violation data via connectivity solutions (802.11; 802.16 or other).
  • Supports two, four or eight camera heads depending on type of intersection.
  • Optional Add-ins include
  • Laser Speed Measurement
  • Super High Resolution 14.2 Megapixel Still Image of Violation event
  • Remote Cross Watch' remote viewing of 'live' camera video


  • Time into Red / Amber Light                                                   0 ~ 180 secs in 0.2 sec steps
  • Green and Amber Speed Recording                                          10 ~ 320 kph
  • Threshold Speed Programming                                                Yes (Optional with Speed Measurement add-in)
  • Site Identification Programming                                               Yes
  • Violation Recording Video                                                        Full Motion Video for full Pre-Amber thru Red Cycle
  • Optional High Resolution Still Images (-VS version)                   Up to 4 images per sec at 14.2 Mega pixels each image
  • Speed Measurement :
                                  -Option-1                                               Two Loops per lane
                                  - Option-2                                               Laser /Radar Sensor each lane
  • CPU                                                                                   Industrial PC platform; Win 7OS
  • Storage                                                                              500GB HD with USB removable HD for back up.
  • Image Recording                                                                 MPEG-4 / H-264 full motion compressed video.
  • Image Retrieval :  
                                - No Communication Sites                          Removable USB Hard Drive 100GB
                                         - Wireless Enabled Sites                             802.11G WiLan or 802.16E WiMax Wireless Network
                                - Fiber Optic Comm Sites                            FTTC or FTTH modem                                    


  • Mains Voltage                                                                       100-250VAC 50~60Hz +/- 15%
  • UPS                                                                                     Built-in UPS to power system for up to 2 hours


  • Enclosure Protection                                                            IP-65 Vandal Resistant Metallic enclosure
  • Working Temperature                                                         -20 ~ +55 degC 90% RH non-condensing
  • EMC & ESD                                                                          3V/m2 90% AM : IEC 801-2 (BS 6667)

The system uses low light cameras: in well lit intersections no additional flash or IR lights are necessary; however when using the system with high resolution still image still shot camera; an external flash is available.

  • Flash Controls                                                                Off / Flash Night Only / Flash Continuous / Test
  • Flash Power                                                                   500W/sec to 1000W/sec (300+300W instantaneous)
  • Flash Interval                                                                0.5 secs min: variable 0.2~0.8 secs variable

Ordering Configuration

  • Cross Watch IIV-142                                                   Cross Watch Single Lane Each Direction: 4 directions: 2 Nos 1080 HD color video cameras
  • Cross Watch II V-242                                                  Cross Watch Two Lanes Each Direction: 4 directions: 2 Nos 1080 HD color video cameras
  • Cross Watch II V-244                                                  Cross Watch Two Lanes Each Direction: 4 directions: 4 Nos 1080 HD color video cameras
  • Optional Add-in:
                           - SS14                                               Cross Watch II system with additional 14 Mega pixel still shot cameras with each video camera
                           - LSD                                                 Cross Watch II system with additional Laser Speed detector with each video camera

East West Infiniti is a 27 year old electronic products company with a wide portfolio of products for Traffic, Meteorological, Military and Industrial markets. The products have users all over the world and counting. Speed Witness TM, Cross Watch TM and ECOM TM are trademarks of East West Infiniti (Pvt) Ltd.
In the interest of continued improvement the specifications are subject to modifications and change without obligation and liability.a video

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