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The D-Cam is one of the most versatile digital traffic violation camera solutions in the world: photographs taken with the D-Cam are comprehensive and will provide authorities with all the necessary information for prosecution purposes:

  •     Detailed violation data (location, date, time, violation type, violation detail)
  •     Violation positioning (GPS co-ordinates, location code)
  •     Operator information (officer’s name and number)
  •     Lane identification and vehicle classification
  •     Independent speed verification using a single photograph (patented by Truvelo)
  •     D-Cam operating conditions and calibration data (patented by Truvelo)

The system’s unequalled versatility lies within the use of variety of sensor and installation possibilities. The D-Cam allows for:

  •     Front and rear vehicle photography
  •     Speed or Speed and Red-light offences
  •     Permanent or temporary installations
  •     Piezo and laser sensors and virtual loops
  •     100,000 images stored on site

Remote management and easy setup saves time and money. Through optimum use of current networking technology the D-Cam has simplified system setup and the downloading of data. The data can be downloaded locally or remotely ensuring optimal efficiency in a traffic department by enabling officers to continue with other duties. The constant vehicle photo position simplifies the D-Cam setup on site and speed verification task in the back-office.
The D-Cam is one of the most data secure traffic monitoring systems available. The D-Cam exceeds the most stringent standards of data security by providing authorities with tamper-safe electronic signatures and data-encryption. In the police back-office only the Truvelo Back-office security server (TBOS) can decrypt the images and verify the D-Cam electronic signature.
Location code data-base reduces set-up time at new sites by providing the motorised lens and D-Cam with site values from a data-base.

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